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Well come to Gobir

This site is built in order to give users, authentic information on gobir and on Hausa in general. As you could see on the main menu, you will find elements about culture, history told by concerned people, the organization and structure of Gobir Kingdom ...

How to browse in gobir

Gobir can be browsed in three languages: Hausa, French and English. This is done to give satisfaction to a large public taking into account the geographical settlement of gobir people around the word.

Hausa is the mother tong for gobir people and is a gradually developing language. By choosing Hausa, we contribute to its emancipation and development.

French is widely spoken in west Africa and in Niger in particular. Is it necessary to mention that Niger is the Headquarter and the navel of Gobir if we exclude Egypt or Habasha according the history version.

English is an international language and official language in Nigeria, where we find a great number of gobir people, from Sabon Birni to Ilorin.

          Wen you tape www.gobir.org or if you search Gobir on google and you find this website, by default  it is available in one the three languages. The default language is English. So before doing anything, if English is not your preferred language, go to the right lateral menu, clic on the language drop down and choose your language.
  There are many miscellaneous such as, networking,  blogging, polling, advertising....

How to contribute

All contributions to get better this website are welcomed. Therefore, you could contact as by Email njangorzo@gobir.org , post comments or fill a form to submit a paper.

To submit a paper, go on Hausa and Hausawa, and clic on Journal of Scientific Hausa. Here you could submit an abstract or a full paper, necessary in Hausa . You will find all recommendations and instructions for a complete submission.